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Zion's Joy! is on a mission to share the Love of Jesus through Unity, Healing and Hope to 25 community institutions through positive and uplifting Christian music!


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Where Zion's Joy! Ministers


Rescue Missions

Help Zion's Joy! travel to rescue missions to serve and uplift through God's Word! Zion's Joy! annually ministers and serves at the Las Vegas Rescue Missions.



Zion's Joy! has ministered at many churches and has created close relationships with church leadership. Support Zion's Joy! in reaching more churches doing the Work of God!

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Recovery Centers

Support the ministry in its outreach to thousands of recovery centers worldwide! Zion's Joy! shares worship with Helping Up Missions in Baltimore, Maryland. 

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Abuse Centers & Shelters

Zion's Joy! continues to give back by supporting shelters and centers healing survivors of abuse. Zion's Joy! annually celebrates God's Greatness with Hope Center Indy women and supporters.


Correctional Facilities

Zion's Joy! ministers annually at the Indiana Women Prison and aspires to reach other correctional facilities around the world!

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